Scholarship Opportunities








Varsity Tutors Monthly Scholarship Contest



They hold monthly $200 scholarship contest where students write an essay in response to a monthly question.

Rhodes State College Scholarships



Numerous scholarships are available. Must send short essay, resume and 2 letters of recommendation

Miami University Bridges Overnight & Scholarship Program

Sept 27, 2019


Demonstrate a commitment to cultural diversity.  3.0 GPA or top 25% of graduating class. Must attend Miami University

Digital Responsibility-Don’t Test and Drive Scholarship

Sept 30, 2019


Must write 140 character response to “I pledge to not text and drive because…”.

AES Scholarship

Oct. 6, 2019


Submit a 500-1,000 word essay regarding, “When you look back on your life in 30 years, what it would take for you to consider your life successful? What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?” You do not have to be an engineering student to apply.

Hispanic Heritage Youth Award

Oct. 15, 2019


Must be of Hispanic heritage

Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway

Oct. 17, 2019


Must be 18 by 12/6/19.  Brief essay & video on “How will you change the world?”

Horatio Alger Scholarship

Oct. 25, 2019


Must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree, show financial need, involvement in co-curricular & community activities, 2.0 GPA

Van Wert Elks Student/Volunteer of the Month Award


**Access application at the bottom of this page.  Hand written applications are NOT allowed**

Oct. 25, 2019


2 students will be selected monthly, judging based on community service, work experience, honors and awards, leadership & extracurricular activities. Must write an essay up to 400 words and provide 1 or 2 letters of recommendation.  Turn applications in to Student Services





Coca-Cola Scholars

Oct. 31, 2019


Achievement based for seniors who are recognized for their leadership, service & impact on their school and community

ACT Student Champion Award

Oct. 31, 2019


Minimum ACT score of 22, student has overcome challenges or is first generation college student

Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Voice of Democracy Scholarship

Oct. 31, 2019

Ranges from $1,000 to $30,000

Record an essay on a patriotic theme

Kidguard for Education Scholarship Program

Oct. 31, 2019


Must create a social awareness campaign project or write an essay about topics related to their mission.

OSU Merit Scholarships/Honors and Scholars Program

Nov. 1, 2019 for priority consideration


Requires the Common Application. Student must apply by November 1

OSU Morrill Scholars Program

Nov. 1, 2019


Very competitive diversity scholarship.  Requires Common Application and ACT scores sent to OSU by November 1.

UNOH Scholarship Testing

College of Applied Technologies

Nov. 1 & 2, 2019


Student must register to attend the testing

University of St. Francis Pay it Forward Scholarship

Nov. 1, 2019

Full tuition (1)

Half tuition (2)

Must write a maximum 1000 word essay about an act of kindness where they paid it forward to someone else.  Renewable for 4 years.

OSU – Columbus

Nov. 1, 2019


Need to apply by Nov. 1 for priority consideration for merit scholarships, honors and scholars programs and College of Engineering.  Must use Common App to apply

Grand Lake CPCU Society Chapter Scholarship

Nov. 1, 2019


Must be seeking a career in insurance or insurance-related field.  Need to fill out application, write 350-500 essay illustrating how you were inspired to pursue a career n the insurance industry, letter of recommendation

National Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship

Nov. 5, 2019

Ranges from $1,000 to $12,500

Applicants will be judged on scholarship, leadership and financial need

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Nov. 5, 2019

Ranges from $1,000 to $5,000

Must have 100 hours of volunteer service in the past 12 months

Hagan Scholarship Foundation


Nov. 15, 2019

Up to $6,000

3.75 GPA, minimum ACT of 24, must work 240 hours in the 12 months prior to the start of college, FAFSA EFC under $6,500

UNOH Scholarship Testing

College of Business, Health & Occupational Professions

Nov. 8, 2019


Student must register to attend the testing

Driver Education Initiative Scholarship

Nov. 30, 2019


Must write an essay titled, “In the driver’s seat”, discussing the importance of being a safe and educated driver. Should be 500 words or less.

Barbara Lotze Scholarship for future Physics Teachers


Dec. 1, 2019

Up to $2,000

Must be planning to pursue a career in teaching high school physics.  Need letters of recommendations and essay

University of Cincinnati (Common Application)

Conservatory of Music

Dec. 1, 2019


Application Deadline

University of Cincinnati (Common App)

Cincinnatus Scholarship

Dec. 1, 2019


Application Deadline

University of Cincinnati (Common App)

Darwin T. Turner Scholars Program

Dec. 1, 2019


GPA 3.0, ACT 24 or higher, seeking a 4 year degree

University of Cincinnati (Common App)

Alumni Legacy Scholarships

Dec 1, 2019


Parent or grandparent is a UC graduate and a member of the Loyal Bearcat or William Howard Taft Society

National Space Club Scholarship

Dec. 2, 2019

$4, 000 to $10,000

Two scholarships – Keynote and Teague.  For students entering the STEM field

National Honor Society (NHS) Scholarship

Dec. 6, 2019


Must be a senior member of an active NHS chapter, create student account, need 2 recommendations, certification by NHS advisor, essay on how the four pillars of NHS has shaped your high school experience & post secondary aspirations

BGSU Alumni Laureate Scholarship

Dec. 9, 2019


Must be accepted to BGSU, 3.5 GPA, ACT 27 or above, complete an essay, document leadership experience, be recommended

Science Ambassador Scholarship

Dec. 9, 2019

Full Tuition

For women in science, technology, engineering, or math. Film a 3 minute video explaining a STEM topic you’re passionate about.

AMP (American Municipal Power) Scholarship


Dec. 13, 2019

$3,000 (6)

Parent or guardian employeed by AMP OR household is an AMP customer (Ohio City). 3.0 GPA

AXA Achievement Scholarship

Dec. 15, 2019 or until they receive 10,000 applications

Ranges from $2,500 to $25,000

Demonstrate ambition and self-drive as evidenced by outstanding achievement in school, community or work-related activities

Burger King Scholars Program

Dec. 15, 2019


Open to all seniors, restaurant employees or their family. Open to those attending 2 or 4 year colleges or technical schools

North American Van Lines Logistics Scholarship

Dec. 15, 2019


Submit a brief essay (400-800 words) detailing why a career in logistics/supply chain management is your college major of choice

Farm Credit Scholarships


Dec. 31, 2019


Must be a child or grandchild of a Farm Credit Mid-America Customer, plan on majoring in agriculture or pursuing agricultural or rural community related careers

OppU Achievers Scholarship

Dec. 31, 2019

Mar. 31, 2020

June 30, 2020


Awarded 4 times a year. For high achieving students.  Must have a 3.0 or better GPA and submit a short essay.

GE-Reagan Foundation

Jan. 3, 2020

$10,000 renewable for four years

3.0 GPA, demonstrate qualities of leadership, drive, integrity and citizenship

Washington Crossing Foundation

Jan. 15, 2020


For seniors planning careers in government service.  Must write an essay on why they plan a career in government and any inspiration derived from George Washington crossing the Delaware

Engineers Foundation of Ohio

Jan. 15, 2020


For senior pursuing a career in engineering, must have 3.0 GPA, ACT Math score=29, ACT English score=25.  Write an essay on the topic: My interest in engineering.

America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders


Jan. 15, 2020


Plan to pursue a degree in agriculture or eligible majors, minimum 2.5 GPA, endorsement from 2 local farmers

John F. Kennedy – Profile in Courage Essay Contest

Jan. 17, 2020

Ranges from $100 to $10,000

Must write an essay that demonstrates an understanding of political courage by a US elected official born in 1917 or later. Must be 700-1000 words using five sources.

Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship


Jan. 22, 2020


Must be an Asian American or pacific islander student with a  minimum 2.7 GPA

National Beta Scholarship Program

Jan. 22, 2020

$1,000 - $20,000

Must be a 12th grade Beta member. 

Ohio JCI (Junior Chamber International) Foundation Scholarship

Jan. 24, 2020


Reference letters and essay are part of the application

Rove Pest Control Scholarship

Jan. 31, 2020


GPA: 3.0

Union Plus Scholarship

Jan. 31, 2020

Ranges from $500 to $4,000

For Students whose parents are union plus members of participating unions.  Must have minimum 3.0 GPA

National Elks Legacy Award

Jan. 31, 2020


Child or grandchild of a living Elk member, must have ACT test and scores before the deadline

Bonnie Eddy Educational Supply and Book Grant (BEES-BG)

Jan. 31, 2020


Must plan to major in teacher education. Upper 50% of senior class, strong moral character. Need 2 letters of recommendation, and one page essay

Acme Baseball Scholarship

Feb. 1, 2020


Needs to have participated in ACME Baseball.  Must have 2.5 GPA, fill out application and include transcript

Ohio State Alumni Scholarship

Feb. 1, 2020


Must be admitted to OSU, demonstrate academic merit, active in school and community

Jackie Robinson Foundation

Feb. 1, 2020

Up to $7,500

For minority students, show leadership potential, financial need, community service, ACT score of 21

Jimmy Rane Foundation

Feb. 6, 2020

Ranges from $500-$5,000

3.0 GPA. Must explain involvement in academics, leadership and community. Demonstrate financial need

Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives – Paulding Putnam Electric Scholarship

Feb. 14, 2020


Parents must be Paulding-Putnam Electric customers.  GPA 3.5

National Commission for Cooperative Education

Feb.15, 2020


3.5 GPA, Early application is highly recommended (UC & UT are participating schools), 200 word or less essay describing why you have chosen to pursue a college cooperative education program

Jostens 2020 Photo Contest

Mar. 1, 2020


Submit a photo in one of several categories

Zinggia Art Scholarship

Mar. 7, 2020


Majoring in Art, May attend any school in the US.  GPA 3.0 Must send in art samples.

Van Wert Optimist Club Scholarship

April 19, 2020


Must have minimum of 100 volunteer hours in the past 12 months. Volunteer hour sheets are available in the Student Services office

Design a Better Future Awards



May 15, 2020


Must find an issue in the community, strategize and produce a plan to make the community better





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