Last Updated: 12/26/2018 8:38 PM

The ICP students recently embarked on a new project called "Cash Contest".  In this project, students have been charged with the task to learn how to manufacture chemicals of significant value in a laboratory setting.  Students will need fundamental knowledge on the five types of chemical reactions, how to balance equations to identify mole ratios, identify the exact masses of reactants and products through stoichiometry conversions, and concepts of economics such as supply and demand, working within a limited budget, and market value of a good.  The students will be given a $200 budget to determine what raw materials they will purchase in order to manufacture their desired target chemical(s) to sell in the free market.  Students must keep a weekly log of activities that move them towards the identification of their target chemical(s) and a detailed, itemized spreadsheet in google that tracks their exact spending to stay within their initial $200 budget which will meet the written communication portion of the project.  Bonus opportunities will be awarded based on the cost-to-profit margin of their targeted chemicals.  Multiple lab opportunities will guide the students through the manufacturing process for specific chemicals of their choosing.  The project will culminate in January.