VWHS Recognizes Academic Award Recipients

Posted On: Thursday, December 2, 2021

2020-2021 Junior Academic Award recipients


Van Wert High School recently honored 146 students with an Academic Award for the 2020-2021 school year. This award recognizes students who can maintain a specific GPA throughout the school year. As students progress through high school, the expectation is that their classes become more difficult and it is through this understanding that freshmen must maintain a 3.6 GPA, sophomores 3.5, juniors 3.4, and seniors 3.3 in order to receive the award. Students must also earn a Renaissance Card both semesters that same year. Renaissance is a tiered program that recognizes students for their academic, attitude, and attendance excellence. 

A luncheon was hosted on Friday, November 12 for the 2020-2021 freshman, sophomore, and junior award recipients; last year’s graduates will receive their award in the mail. Mark Bagley, Superintendent of Van Wert City Schools, spoke at the luncheon and congratulated the students on their academic accomplishment. He challenged students to not only think of their future but to consider the legacy they would leave behind – to reflect on their leadership skills and how they make others feel while in their presence, and that their value as an individual encompasses so much more than just academics, athletics, or extra-curriculars. 

First-time recipients were presented with their academic letter, service bar, and certificate. Those who had received the award in previous years were presented with a certificate and service bar. Congratulations to all the students who continually work hard to earn this prestigious award. A tremendous thank you to Central Insurance Companies, long-time supporter of this event, for sponsoring the luncheon catered by Willow Bend. 



2020-2021 Senior Academic Award Winners (no picture)

Jamie Burenga, Isabella Carr, Dayna Cross, Grace Doctor, Shayna Dull, Kirsten Dunning, Alexandra Etter, Lyrissa Hammons, Tayzia Havill, Dru Johnson, Andrew Li, Willian Ogden, Shani Patel, Rylie Rayer-Wilson, Carly Rollins, Elizabeth Rutkowski, Sophie Rutkowski, Allison Schaufelberger, Claire Schreiber, Caitlyn Shobe, Carly Smith, Rachel Spath, Owen Treece, Janie Trejo, Jacob Wasson


2020-2021 Junior Academic Award Winners 

2020-2021 Junior Academic Award recipients

Left to right: 

Row 1: Rilee Conrad, Hope Blythe, Madison Couch, Alexa Gearhart, Lauren McHugh, Chloe Brayton, Audrey Carter

Row 2: Jesse Gunsett, Emma Myers, Aubree Bear, Kayla Krites, Tiana Groves, Makayla Stutz, Mia Kelley, Carlee Young, Anna Wasson, Haylee Hill, Natalie Benner, Marianna Ickes

Row 3: Erick Falk, Ethan Mooney, Ethan Brown, Jace Fast, Nathan Jackson, Trey Laudick, Joshua Reichert, Brooklynn Laukhuf, Liesel Lare

Row 4: Christian Eberle, Ethan White, Keigen Martz, Gage Wannemacher, Nora Doctor, Grace Dowler

Row 5: Ian Rex, Jacob Sealscott, Evan Sroufe, Robert Spath, Connor Pratt, Tyson Jackson, Sam Moonshower, Hunter Sherer


NOT PICTURED: Audrey Coil, Carter Miller, Devoney Sidle



2020-2021 Sophomore Academic Award Winners 

2020-2021 Sophomore Academic Award recipients

Left to right: 

Row 1: Lauren Black, Kierston Schneider, Makenna Nagel, Carly Bebout, Danesha Branson, Kyra Welch, Kianna Cook, Tyra McClain, Sofi Houg, Sayler Wise, Finley Foster, Lexi Barnhart, Abbie Mengerink, Whitley Fast, Olivia Rutkowski

Row 2: Juliana McClure, Harlie Mays, Riona Workman, William Davis, Corbin Army, Lochlen Purmort, Kenton McComas, Isabella Ricker, Serena Havill, Maria Bagley, Mackenzie Jones, Ashlyn Jennings

Row 3: Sydney Rauch, Brooklyn Weaks, Jayden Welker, Connor Smitley, Ian Place, Ashton Baer, Damon McCracken, TJ Stoller, Jacob Geething, Noah Spector, Kasee Stoller, Olivia Quillen, Katie Gamble, Gracie Mull

Row 4: Blake Bohyer, Luke Wessell, Travis Francis, Garett Gunter, Logan Dotson, Aidan Pratt, Carson Smith, Jackson Jones, Nathan Phillips, Saige Waltmire, Erin Schaufelberger, Piper Pierce, Lyndi Delzeith, Jeff Li


NOT PICTURED: Jacob Fuerst, Isabella Mohr, Marissa Mottinger, Hunter Stevens, Hallie Wise



2020-2021 Freshman Academic Award Winners 

2020-2021 Freshman Academic Award recipients

Left to right: 

Row 1: Cassandra Martz, Hailey Isbell, Ella Hernandez, Sarah Verville, Deborah Jones, Olivia Treece, Emma Spoor, Citlali Aguilar-Montiel, Annika Maples, Kelta Cowan, Zoe Coleman

Row 2: Cienna Flores, Sydney Dowler, Emma Wallace, Hope Keuneke, Ellie Mooney, Macy Johnson, Payton Nagel, Emma Kennedy, Lindsey Heath, Natalie Hauter, Kaitlyn Sully

Row 3: Avery Jerome, Keaton Sudduth, Reese Krugh, Kaden Shaffer, Rylan Miller, Conner Campbell, Cayden Laukhuf, Kelby Blythe, Ashlyn Stoller, Gwyneth McComas, Jordanne Blythe, Gracie Beair

Row 4: Andrew Klewer, Ashton Dawson, Andrew Deitemeyer, Jacob Kitson, Johnathan Kramer


NOT PICTURED: Riley Gaskill, Addison Waltmire

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